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Easy-Travel: 24 h in Cape Town

By On 25. April 2016

Cape Town is known as the new pulsating and creative hot spot. Many art galleries, hip bars, young start-ups, a wide range of amazing restaurants and food markets fill the city with… Read More

Music, Movie & Video

Easywriters “Festival Check” #37 – We Love Summer

By On 24. März 2016

Our first festival check in South Africa: We Love Summer with Teenage Mutants and Ryan Murgatroyd. All you need for a Saturday rave: sun, heavy electronic sounds, a refreshing lake, hot, tanned… Read More

Easy Travel

Reise-Video von Marko Roth – „for that moment in South Africa.“

By On 26. November 2015

Marko Roth ist Reisefilmer und -fotograf. „Meistens renne ich umher, liege auf dem Boden herum oder warte stundenlang und bin nie zufrieden“, sagt der 21-jährige Frankfurter im Scherz. Nun hat Easywriter Marko… Read More